Rune Workshop

Selkie has been working with the Elder Futhark for over 30 years and is a highly regarded Norse Volva Shaman Healer and Runic and Ogham Oracle Reader. She works with the energies of the Sidhe and Goddess Freya. With her natural psychic ability and experience, she was the obvious choice for us and we are delighted that she is running a Rune Workshop at our event.

Runes symbolise some of the most powerful forces in the universe. In fact, the word “rune” means both “letter” and “secret/mystery”. The letters called “runes” allow one to access, interact with, and influence the world-shaping forces they symbolise.

When Odin sought the runes, he was not merely attempting to acquire a set of arbitrary representations of human vocal sounds. Rather, he was uncovering an extraordinarily potent system of magic and divination.

“Then I was fertilised and became wise; I truly grew and thrived.From a word to a word I was led to a word,From a work to a work I was led to a work.”


Why not learn to read the Runes and even make your own at the event? You can either choose your own materials (wood or glass) or bring your own materials with you. We have experts on hand to help and give you advice every step of the way!

Book now to avoid disappointment as places are limited.