Seidr is an ancient practice incorporating shamanic journeying with the use of song and staff. Early accounts of Seidr from the Icelandic Sagas tell of Völvas who brought hope, healing and valuable information to individuals and communities through Seidr ceremony. Although the roots of Seidr are ancient, the concerns and challenges that Seidr can help with remains unchanged. Whether it is creating a home, earning a living, putting food on the table or offering insight into relationships, this ancient practice is as relevant today as it has ever been.

We invite you to help bring back the wisdom of the spirits into our community by taking part in our Seidr Ceremony. Participants will raise their voices in song to send the Völvas to the spirit world and some participants will also have the opportunity to ask a question of the spirits while the volvas are between the worlds. All of this will be led by Shenoah Taylor with seidr colleagues taking the role of the Völvas.

Shenoah has been working with shamanism since 1990 with shamanic song and connection in nature being at the heart of her personal practice and these weave their way into her work with others.

Shenoah lives in London and offers shamanic groups and workshops focussing on deepening connection to spirit and bringing the teachings into everyday life and we are delighted she and her colleagues are joining us at The Nine Worlds Event.